Dr. Vanessa Guyton: CEO, Executive Director, Producer, Author, & Keynote Speaker on The HUSH Topics

Dr. Vanessa Guyton is an award winning speaker, trainer, author, producer, and survivor advocate that is dedicated to Victim Advocacy and assisting individuals going from Victims to Victorious. Dr. Guyton travels all around the world providing creative and engaging presentations that are created specifically for her audience on The HUSH Topics. 

HUSH Topics are sensitive subjects that individuals, families, and organizations have are hard time discussing, such as, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Child Sexual Abuse, Drug Facilitated Crimes, Domestic Violence, Bystander Intervention, Suicide Awareness, LGBT Awareness, and Cultural Diversity. Audiences leaves her presentations motivated, informed, and aware about potential threats and harmful activities occurring in our society. Her success is rooted in delivering personalized presentations that are creative and engaging, while providing unparalleled expert guidance and support both before and after an event.

Dr. Guyton is honored to speak at universities, churches, non-profits, and government agencies

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Dr. Guyton is also a community influencer who is dedicated to Survivors, by Helping them Unleash the Shame to Heal through her nonprofit organization HUSH No More.

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Dr. Guyton is also the founder of Consulting Experts & Associates, a consulting firm dedicated to developing trainings on HUSH topics. The firm also brings awareness and prevention training for the military and Department of Defense personnel. 

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