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Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton

CEO, Executive Director, Producer, Author, & Keynote Speaker on The HUSH Topics

Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton

Dr. Vanessa Guyton is an award winning speaker, trainer, author, producer, and survivor advocate that is dedicated to Victim Advocacy and assisting individuals going from Victims to Victorious. Dr. Guyton travels all around the world providing creative and engaging presentations that are created specifically for her audience on The HUSH Topics. HUSH Topics are sensitive subjects that individuals, families, and organizations have are hard time discussing, such as, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Child Sexual Abuse, Drug Facilitated Crimes, Domestic Violence, Bystander Intervention, Suicide Awareness, LGBT Awareness, and Cultural Diversity. Audiences leaves her presentations motivated, informed, and aware about potential threats and harmful activities occurring in our society. Her success is rooted in delivering personalized presentations that are creative and engaging, while providing unparalleled expert guidance and support both before and after an event.

Dr. Guyton is also a community influencer who is dedicated to Survivors, by Helping them Unleash the Shame to Heal through her nonprofit organization HUSH No More.

Dr. Guyton is honored to speak at universities, churches, non-profits, and government agencies.

Dr. Guyton's Written Work


Dr. Guyton is a contributing author sharing her experience of being a Fatherless Daughter and how she overcame her experience.


This coloring book was created for those who have racing or negative thoughts.  While coloring this beautiful pages, you can reduce anxiety and stress. 


The highly anticipated HUSH No More Book shares the story of Survivors and how they overcame their HUSH Topics. 

"Hush No More"

Contact Dr. Guyton to schedule a viewing of the HUSH No More Documentary for your organization or visit HUSH No More Now to become part of the HUSH No More Movement.

Interviews & Podcast

We believe in having the difficult conversations. Do you know how to talk to your children about the possibility of being touched sexually by another child? Its not always an adult!!  Join Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton and Mrs. Jane Epstein as they have this intriguing conversation. 

Consulting with Dr. Guyton

Dr. Vanessa Guyton, as a CEO, has been providing exceptional training to various organizations since 2010. She has a team of consultants with a diverse background of expertise and experience. This allows her to offer multiple training programs that are creative.

She never uses the “Death by PowerPoint” training method and can create training that targets your organization’s
needs. We service the military, universities, churches, and corporate organizations. 

Visit  or call 1-888-300-7939 for more information. 

Dr. Guyton and her team provide virtual and in-person training on the HUSH Topics to various organizations around the world.

Introductory Video

Dr. Guyton’s highlight video from the 2018 Annual Revile for Kappa Epsilon PSI Military Sorority. She has an awesome team of consultants.

Speaking Topics

An interactive presentation conducted by Dr. Vanessa Guyton as she discusses the effects of growing up in a military home filled with domestic violence and alcohol abuse. This class will provide insight from the perspective of a child and how domestic violence has a lifelong effect on the entire family unit. Participants will receive a better understanding of domestic violence from a child survivor.
This event identifies and discuss diversity and inclusion from the perspective of sexual orientation and cultural competence. Sexual orientation is often considered a difficult topic to include in diversity issues because it brings up differences in religion, perceptions of morality, and politics. This event will include these discussions, review key definitions of LGBT, facts and myths of the LGBT population, and review scenarios. The objectives of this presentation is to provides information, awareness, and to explore various demographics and cultures.
A workshop designed to encourage participants to look at diversity and inclusion from a self-reflective point of view. Participants will use an assessment to determine their strength and weakness in the realm of diversity. The strategies presented to the participants will be engaging and lead to a better understanding of diversity and inclusion within their organization and why they are critical business priorities. The end result of this event will lead to participants recognizing the impact of their attitudes and behaviors towards team members and customers.
An interactive event that discusses emerging topics of the most commonly used substances to commit a drug facilitated sexual assault. This event will use scenarios and games to bring awareness to multiple drugs (street and homemade), how they affect victims, and how participants can be more vigilant and safe. Participants will leave this event empowered to protect themselves. This class targets all ages and can be used to train Victim Advocates, colleges, churches, and organizations by giving them a new outlook on drugs, consent, and bystander intervention.
A fun and interactive event that explores how music affects our views on sexual assault, sexual harassment, drugs, and alcohol. Participants will be introduced to a different perspective of the music industry. This workshop targets all ages and music genres and encourages learning through music.
An exercised based workshop that examines the risks of sexual assault, identify signs and responses a victim may have after an assault, the impact of victim blaming, and the importance of prevention strategies that encourages awareness. Discussions range from mixing drugs, alcohol and sex to sex offenders. An optional scavenger hunt can be designed as part of this training.
An exercised based workshop that defines the types of sexual harassment and allows individuals to participate in role plays to address the common occurrences. Participants will have a discussion on how to eliminate sexual harassment and receive strategies for prevention. An optional scavenger hunt can be designed as part of this training.
An exercised and discussion with an optional video that defines Intervention/Bystanders and addresses how individuals can intervene and make a difference. Participants are required to participate in the discussion by giving their feedback and opinion of real world scenarios that they may face during their day-to-day interactions. Discussions range from mixing drugs, alcohol and sex to domestic violence.
*This is a limited list of speaking topics.*

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