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About Dr. Guyton

“Creative and Engaging”

Dr. Vanessa Guyton is an award winning speaker, trainer, author, and advocate that is dedicated to Victim Advocacy and assisting individuals going from Victims to Victorious. Dr. Guyton travels all around the world providing creative and engaging presentations that are created specifically for her audience on The HUSH Topics. HUSH Topics are sensitive subjects that individuals, families, and organizations have are hard time discussing, such as, Sexual Assault Prevention, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Drug Facilitated Crimes, Domestic Violence, Bystander Intervention, Suicide Awareness, LGBT Awareness, and Cultural Diversity. Audiences leaves her presentations motivated, informed, and aware about potential threats and harmful activities occurring in our society. Her success is rooted in delivering personalized presentations that are creative and engaging, while providing unparalleled expert guidance and support both before and after an event. 

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Dr. Guyton is honored to speak at universities, churches, non-profits, and government agencies.  Click HERE or call 1-888-314-3335 to schedule a time to speak with Dr. Guyton about your next engagement or training event

Executive Director-Dr. Guyton

Awareness + Knowledge= Prevention


Dr. Guyton is the Founder & Executive Director of HUSH No More.A  501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2019  to provide a platform for Survivors to share their experience with the “HUSH Topics” and to receive support from other Survivors and Victim Advocates. As well as provide training that will lead to awareness and prevention of the HUSH Topics in our community. 


Dr. Guyton's Written Work

The highly anticipated HUSH No More Book shares the story of Survivors and how they overcame their HUSH Topics. Grab your copy today! 

HUSH No More Documentary Trailer

Contact Dr. Guyton to schedule a viewing of the HUSH No More Documentary for your organization or visit HUSH No More Now to become part of the HUSH No More Movement.

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Consulting with Dr. Guyton


Dr. Vanessa Guyton, as a CEO, has been providing exceptional training to various organizations since 2010. She has a team of consultants with a diverse background of expertise and experience. This allows her to offer multiple training programs that are creative.

She never uses the “Death by PowerPoint” training method and can create training that targets your organization’s 

needs. We service the military, universities, churches, and corporate organizations. 

Visit  or call 1-888-300-7939 for more information. 


“Creative and Engaging”

*This is a limited list of events that can be published. Contact Dr. Guyton for her complete schedule*

Introduction Video

Dr. Guyton's highlight video from the 2018 Annual Revile for Kappa Epsilon PSI Military Sorority. She has an awesome team of consultants.

The Consulting Expert

Introducing our CEO, Dr. Vanessa Guyton. Her training is always engaging and designed for her target audience. Dr. Guyton has decided to HUSH No More to unleash the shame associated with sexual assault. 

Speaking Topics

*This is a limited list of speaking topics.*

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Click HERE  or call 1-888-314-3335 to schedule a time to speak with Dr. Guyton about your next engagement or training event.

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